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Canadian Bird Study

Updated: Mar 30, 2021

We did a full two week long bird study, focusing on birds we find in Canada, even during the winter months. We built different types of bird houses and feeders, to attract those winter birds and tallied the frequency in which they visited the feeders. We consulted many different educational sites and books in order to create a handy infographic about these birds. We spent time drawing the birds, and "colouring"or "painting" them in photoshop. We also used craft supplies and recycled objects found in our blue bin to craft and create a variety of different birds. We studied different types of nests, feathers, eggs, and more, so we thought it would be fun to share some of what we have been up to with you!

1. Bird Crafts and Creations:

We pulled out a variety of craft supplies like construction paper, pompoms, feathers, cotton balls, googly eyes and recyclable materials like paper rolls, egg cartons, card board etc. as well as sticks and pinecones to create these little cuties, including a cardinal, bluejay, gold finch, and a couple of cute adorable little owls:

2. Canadian Bird Infographic and Illustrations

We pulled together a list of some of our favourite Canadian birds, with info about each bird, as well as illustrations created by my daughter and I. Please feel free to download the printable below:

Download • 1.68MB

3. Bird Study - Books

Here is a round up of some of our favourite educational books. They have amazing resources about everything to do with birds, nature and so much more!

Kids Canadian Bird Book - Pamela Hickman

This book is filled with amazing bird facts and projects for kids.

The Nature Anatomy - Julia Rothman

(We have the collection which includes: Nature Anatomy, Farm Anatomy, and Food Anatomy)

This nature learning book is filled with wonderful illustrations, and so much incredible information on many of the "curios parts and pieces you find in the natural world". It is great for kids of a broad age range

The Wonders of Nature - Ben Hoare

All about rocks, plants, animals and the wonders of nature, this beautiful book is filled with stunning imagery and is a great learning resource for kids of a broad age range.

The Big Book of Birds - Yuval Zommer

This book is filled with colour and stunning imagery, teaching children about birds all over the world. We have the collection of many of the "Big Book of" series.

4. Bird Study - Websites:

Here are some to the Canadian based websites we used for our bird study research.

Earth Rangers

Canadian Wildlife Federation

Birds Canada

5. Colouring Page:

Canadian Bird Garden Colouring Page

6. Interactive Bird Songs

Minnesota Bird Songs

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