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DIYs to Pamper your Mom this Mother's Day

Updated: May 7, 2021

Mom's are amazing, but how do you show your mama (or the mom like figure in your life) how thankful you are for the person she is? Well a few ways are to shop locally! Pick up a plant or some flowers from a local florist, order cookies from a local bakery, grab some chocolate from a local candy shop, or even host a Mother's Day tea, by ordering through a local restaurant or cafe. But what if you are looking for a few things that you can create at home with the kids? Well, we have a few easy DIY suggestions of how you can pamper your mom this Mother's Day, and really make her feel special. From broaches, paper bouquets, body scrubs and sprays, and even a few cute Cricut Iron On designs, we have you covered!

1. Lavender & Rosemary Sugar Scrub -


3/4 cup of sugar (we used coconut sugar, could use raw, cane, etc.)

1/4 cup of sea salt (if you don't have sea salt, simply use 1 cup of sugar and omit the salt)

1/8-1/4 cup of coconut oil

1/2 tbsp dried lavender

5 drops lavender essential oil

5 drops rosemary essential oil

Measure all ingredients and add them to a sanitized 250 ml (1 cup) sanitized glass jar with lid of your choice. Mix sugar, salt, and coconut oil in the jar until desired consistency is reached (should feel like damp sand). Add dried lavender and then add the drops of lavender and rosemary into the mixture 1 at a time until you have the desired potency that you would like (5 drops of each is suggested), stir and seal. THAT'S ALL!

2. Essential Oil Perfume/Body Spray


1/4 cup distilled water

1 tbsp potato vodka

1 tbsp organic Jojoba carrier oil

15-20 drops of essential oil (5-10 drops of each oil if using a blend of oils/multiple oils)

1 250ml spray bottle (or smaller bottles if you want to make a few different smells/perfumes)

Pour distilled water into a small bowl, add the vodka, and then the essential oils.

Stir with a wooden spoon for a full minute. Cover and set in a cool dark place for 24 hours. Pour into the perfume spray bottle and it is all ready for use.

Oil combinations -

Citrus Vanilla Splash:

5 drops Citrus blend (or 1-2 drops each: Tangerine, Orange, Lemon, Grapefruit)

5 drops Vanilla

Sweet Love:

5 drops Grapefruit

3 drops Vanilla

1 drop YlangYlang

Mysterious Musk

5 drops Cedarwood

3 drops Vanilla

1 drop Copaiba

3. Hand Lily Bouquet -

This cute craft is so easy and so personal, turning your little one's hands into a cute bouquet for mama.


Coloured paper

Green Paper



Glue (glue gun preferred)


Simply grab construction paper or card stock in a variety of colours for the lily's and green for the stems. Trace your children's right and left hands onto the coloured paper, leaving the green paper aside for now. Cut each hand out. We chose to cut out 6 hands to make half a dozen flowers. Once the hands are all cut out, you will roll them together to make the flower shape and glue along the edges to glue the two sides together (we found a glue gun to be the best to keep the sides together). We then took the green construction paper and cut it into 6 long rectangles (about 1-2 inches wide and 8-10 inches long). Taking one corner of the paper, we rolled the corner from one end to the other lengthwise on an angle, to create a straw like stem, gluing the top end to the straw. We glued the flower heads onto the stem, and voila you have your calla flower! We put them all in an old vintage milk glass, ready for our Mother's Day tea!

4. Felt Daisy Pompom Broach -







Round bowl or cup

Round lid (smaller then cup or bowl)

Marker pen


Safety Pin


Sewing Needle


Take your piece of yarn and feed it through the back of the fork through the middle space of the fork. Begin wrapping the yarn loosely around the fork in a circular motion. We wrapped the yarn around the fork at least 20-30 times to make sure it created a puffy enough pompom. Next, take a separate small piece of yarn through the middle section of the fork and tie it tightly around the middle, knotting at least 2-3 times to ensure that it holds the middle of the pompom tightly. Remove the tied yarn, and begin trimming the edges. You will now start to see the pompom take shape. Feel free to trim up the edges of the pompom to create a round and consistent shape.

Felt Flowers:

Take your round bowl, cup or jar and place face down on your felt and trace the circle onto the felt with your pen or marker. Now that you have a circle drawn on your felt, take the smaller circle (could be a small lid, button, coin) and trace into the centre of your first circle. Using your ruler draw 8 equal lines (eighths) between the two circles (see below for image). Cut out the large circle, and then cut each line down to the centre circle creating petals. Once all 8 lines are cut, begin rounding the corners of each petal to create the daisy petal shape.

Now, it is time to grab the pompoms and sew them on to the felt flowers. Once this step is complete, you can simply take your safety pin and pin it to the back of your felt flower. Now you have a cute DIY Daisy Broach!

(TIP: If you don't have yarn, or time to make pompoms you can always use basic pompoms from your craft store too)

Wood and Glass Bead Chimes

5. Cricut "MAMA" tees -

Are you a Cricut crafter, who loves custom designs... then these cute "MAMA" tee designed by yours truly will make the cutest last minute DIY gift for your mom, or the mom-like figure in your life.

FREE Downloads Here

FREE Downloads Here

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