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Easter Fun - Last Minute DIY Easter Table Decor

Updated: Apr 6, 2021

With Easter being just around the corner, we thought we would share some last minute DIY activities to spruce up your family Easter celebrations.

  1. Chocolate Easter Bunny Cups

My girlfriend shared this really cute idea with me... she suggested grabbing hollow chocolate bunnies, and filling them with chocolate almond milk, or even a fun cocktail (be sure to check out our Maple Whisky Sour recipe). Serve them up with a glass or metal straw and VOILA! These little bunny "cups" will make any Easter table look festive, and are so fun to drink from! It's like having drinks and dessert all in one!


Why not grab a few clothes pegs and create a cute little clothespin bunny drink garnish. Simply paint your clothespin in a fun Easter colour (we chose pink), glue on some felt ears and a little pompom tail!

2. Egg Stencils

We have created a free printable with some fun Cricut cut stencils and silhouettes to help your littles decorate their eggs. Simply download the free design and upload to your Cricut to cut (or any craft cutter really). You can either use the stencil side or the mask side depending on the effect you are looking for. If your kiddos still want to dye their eggs, I would suggest placing the mask side of the silhouette on the egg, dye the egg and once it is fully dry, peel the vinyl shape off the egg to reveal the Easter shape! The other option is to place the stencil over the area of the egg you would like to paint, painting inside of the stencil. Grab your free .png download here!

3. DIY your very own Juste Basket Centrepiece.

Material Require:

1 medium sized bowl

Thick jute string/rope

Cling wrap

Mod Podge

Glue gun

Flip the bowl upside down and cover with cling wrap. Take the Mod Podge and cover the cling wrap with it, using a paint brush.

Begin laying down your jute rope in a spiral fashion starting at the interior centre part of the bowl. You will likely need the glue gun to secure the rope at points throughout the process. Continue covering the bowl with rope until it is completely covered, and then cover the entire outside of the jute bowl with another layer of Mod Podge.

Let it dry for 4-8 hours, or until completely dry.

Remove the jute bowl from the bowl mold (it should come off fairly easily) and attach one last piece of rope from one side of the bowl to another to make the handle.

Fill with decorated hard boiled eggs and voila, you have a centre piece, or better yet hand over to the kiddos for their Easter egg hunt!

4. Bunny Wrapped Napkins

Nothing is cuter than these Martha Stewart inspired bunny napkins. Simply take an egg (hardboiled preferred, or even one of the eggs you stencilled above), wrap it with a clean napkin, and tie it together with a piece of jute string! Set table and place at each place setting on plate. We added a few pussy willows from our yard to add a little pop of nature!

5. DIY Paper Bunny Placemats

Last but not least we printed this cute bunny onto craft paper to use as placemats for each place setting. They not only act as a placemat, but also as a fun colouring activity to keep the little ones busy while they wait for their Easter dinner.

Free Download - Easter Bunny Colouring Placemat

Download PDF • 1.93MB

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